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Sanlam Loans application

Sanlam loans, an accredited helping hand
In these tough financial times, where scams and fraudulent loan schemes are prevalent, being able to get a comprehensive personal loan from an accredited financial institution is important.
Recently, Sanlam dissociated itself from a running money lending scam that used its brand name to lure unsuspecting people to its fraudulent money lending schemes.
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Funeral Covers in South Africa

Funeral Covers – Humans as they take life as it is day by day they have one thing that they do not go about or know of the day they will pass on. If such an event occurs, a funeral is a time to bid farewell to the deceased, mourning which is a spiritual commitment of passion, love and respect for the deceased .Such an event demands finances for the deceased to be remembered and buried in a decent manner.

Tell me more about Funeral Covers in South Africa

This called for financial institutions to come up with funeral cover that will allow you to be covered for future expenses of your funeral and your loved ones and take off the pressure off immediate families and friends.

On the market today there different funeral covers that include funeral cover for yourself, funeral cover for yourself and immediate family members that is a wife/husband and children and also a funeral cover for extended family members which include a mother, father , aunt, uncle and in-laws of the policy holder.

The funeral cover helps out by paying out families cover for food expenses, coffin, tombstone, transport and other costs. Funeral Premiums however in South Africa range from R40 to R500 and pay-outs of R5000 up to R120 000.

Get your funeral cover today and your family can enjoy life with a peace of mind knowing that if a funeral is to happen their funeral expenses are covered.

FNB Legal Insurance

FNB Legal Insurance – FNB Legal focuses to imply that people and businesses live and conduct themselves within the confines of the legal statutes of South Africa (it is Constitutional Democracy).People need a deeper understanding of the law of the land , as the law goes a long way in achieving positive conclusions. This summons the help of expert legal services in which this has prompted FNB to branch into The Justice 1ST product. Continue reading

FNB Insurance

FNB Insurance – Today not everyone wants a cover that lasts for ever, but a cover that id for short periods of time. That is why FNB offers such a short term insurance products to cater for you. In an event of a claim, you can access a 24 hour call centre where you can talk to a broker who will access you insurance needs personally. Continue reading

Apply for ABSA student loans

ABSA knows that studying plays a significant role in any individual’s path of success.  That’s why we have continued to tailor our products to suit the needs of our future graduates.  Whether your need tuition fees and or study materials like books and stationery you have come to the right place, whether the loan is for yourself or for others we can give you the pass that you need to a brighter future, which means that just about anyone can realize their dreams with ABSA’s study loans.
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Bayport loans

At Bayport loans, we strive to get you the loan that you deserve. With upto 100 000 in cash loans, you can enjoy great and flexible loan repayment options with fixed interest for the duration of your loan window period. With a nationwide coverage of Branches, you can be sure to get the help you desire, where ever you are.
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Qwiek loans

Getting a loan can seem tricky and exhausting, especially when your need is of an immediate nature. So look no further because at Qwiek loans, we guarantee up to R150 000 in personal loans and Home loans of up to R500 000. Over the last 25 years we have gathered a timeless experience to meet your needs 100%.

We take care of the lending process all for all our applicants and all our lenders are governed by NCR.

Benefits for Members

Become a member for as little as R99.00 pm

A personal Loan to capped at R 150 000.

Stand a chance to win up to R5000.00 in cash prizes in our monthly draw.  All you have to do is be a member for more than two months to qualify.

Our online attorneys are ready to assist you with any legal queries and every member is assigned their own online personal attorney and a choice of telephonic or online collaboration.

All our qualified and professional attorney intermediaries are fully independent and will help you with any legal query during consultation including some of the below mention common queries.

  • Clearance of criminal records
  • Maintenance issues
  • Bail applications
  • Other criminal offenses
  • Preparation of a will
  • Civil claims
  • Labour related matters

Guidelines for accessing your quick and easy loan:

Annual percentage Rates: ( unsecured credit transactions)Initial fees: Each application agreement  requires  R150 in addition to a  10% of the borrowed amount over R1000 figure but limited to less than R1000 in interest rates. RR x 2.2 + 20% per annum.

Mortgage Agreements Initial fees: Each application agreement requires a R1000 per credit agreement In addition to a 10% of the borrowed amount over R10 000 but limited to R5000.00. Interest rates RR x 2.2 +5% per year.  Each Lender has a different policy, thus this is a sample guideline.

Cell: 072 401 6960
Tel: 086 114 3143
Fax: 086 532 3910