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MiWay insurance contact details

MiWay Insurance Services

MiWay Insurance Services – providing you with security during unpredictable times

The only thing guaranteed in life is its unpredictability. We never know when the unexpected may derail our plans and goals. This is why it’s advisable to be prepared at all times for situations that may arise. Insurance is something we all need nowadays. Owning a vehicle, home or any other personal possessions puts you at risk somehow for unexpected occurrences. Having the peace of mind that should anything go wrong, you are covered is desirable. There are numerous institutions that offer insurance, but few of them truly understand individual needs. One institution that stands out from the rest is MiWay.

MiWay is an insurance provider that specialises in providing direct and short-term insurance.
1200 trained staff members are on hand to ensure that MiWay delivers its motor, household and homeowner’s insurance in the most efficient way possible.

MiWay Motor Insurance:
These policies were created as a response to South Africa’s thriving motor vehicle industry. MiWay covers cars for private, professional and business use. These policies include Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft as well as Third Party Only cover. MiWay strives to meet the needs of its clientele, so various vehicles are covered. Vehicles are covered based on market value and this specially agreed value applies to unlisted, collectors and vintage vehicles. Clients also benefit from free roadside assistance as part of the MiWay vehicle insurance package.

Building or finding your dream home doesn’t end there. Creating a home means that over the years you may collect a wide array of items. These household contents can also be insured by MiWay.

MiWay Home Insurance:

This includes Household Contents insurance, buildings insurance and all risk insurance. MiWay provides affordable premiums as well as home emergency assist as part of this package.


For more on how you can benefit from MiWay Insurance Services, call 0860 64 64 64 or simply visit


Joshua Doore loan application

JDFS Loans from Joshua Doore

JDFS Loans from Joshua Doore- flexible and affordable
Many South African consumers are familiar with the Joshua Doore brand. Renowned for providing quality furniture this brand has created a reputation as a trusted and reliable institution. Joshua Doore Financial Services is a division that operates out of two contact centres, the larger having +- 600 agents in Johannesburg while the smaller works from Blake in Durban, that has about 200 contact centre staff.
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FNB student loan calculator

FNB Student Loans

FNB Student Loans – assisting tomorrow’s leaders
Furthering your studies nowadays is more of a necessity than a choice. To contribute towards economic growth, citizens of various countries all over the world recognize the value of education. In South Africa, statistics show that the number of individuals who are registering for tertiary education continues to soar year upon year. Although the numbers keep rising, salaries seem to be lagging behind. An increasing number of individuals have come to rely on lending institutions to provide them with the necessary resources to fund their studies.
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eduloan loan calculator

How to apply for an Eduloan

How to apply for an Eduloan

Obtaining study finance can easily become a complicated process. This is especially true if you do not know which loan providers are ideal to approach. Although traditional lending institutions like banks make provisions for such needs, there are institutions that specifically specialise with educational finance needs.
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bridge loan rates

Bridge Loans Top Up

Bridge Loans Top Up – helping you reach financial freedom

With almost 22 years of experience within the unsecured lending industry, Bridge Loans has grown to become one of South Africa’s most trusted and reliable lenders. Living up to its name, Bridge Loans seeks to make credit more attainable by bridging the gap between your financial situation and financial freedom.
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Capitec Bank Multi Loan

Capitec Bank Multi Loan

Capitec Bank Multi Loan – help for meeting daily needs

Capitec Bank is one of the top banking institutions in South Africa. Now with a customer base exceeding 6.2 million, it continues to expand through the years. Most of its success can be attributed to its focus on providing simplified banking solutions while giving clients the best value. The institution’s products and services are designed with the customer’s best interests in mind. One of these solutions is the Capitec Multi Loan.
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African Bank Consolidation Loans

African Bank Consolidation Loans

African Bank Consolidation Loans – helping you manage your debt

If you are struggling to pay off multiple debts at the end of each month, you may be asking yourself what options you have. There is an easier way to make sure that you meet all your financial obligations: debt consolidation.
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