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Bidvest Insurance – ideal financial services to cover your insurance needs

Bidvest Insurance- ideal financial services to cover your insurance needs

Bidvest Financial Services forms part of the Bidvest Group, which is one of the biggest financial services institutions in South Africa. The three divisions of the group are: Bidvest Insurance, Bidvest Insurance Brokers and Bidvest Life.

Bidvest Insurance:
This product covers your vehicle insurance needs. Cover against everyday road hazards is a necessity for any vehicle owner. This product provides the following:

Mechanical Breakdown warranty
Bodyguard and Interiorguard
Travel insurance

The risk of owning a vehicle is simplified by Bidvest’s insurance services. Unforeseen expenses related to vehicles are covered, giving you the assurance that any damage caused to areas covered by the insurance will be taken care of- at no extra cost to you.

Bidvest Insurance Brokers:
This comprehensive cover offers you insurance for your home or vehicle. You’re offered these services:

Comprehensive Motor and Household Insurance
Maintenance Plan
Veridot (a unique system used to help identify items as yours if stolen)
Service Plan

Investing in a home is expensive and requires commitment through the years. Accidents that may occur may bring you down to your knees financially if you are not adequately covered. Bidvest’s solutions make it easier to handle such situations.

Bidvest Life:
This cover allows you to enjoy peace of mind while knowing that your financial needs are taken care of in the event of permanent/temporary disability. Auto settlement and a funeral plan are included on this plan. Your family will not have to worry about outstanding car payments in the event of your death.

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