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Bidvest Insurance Reviews

Bidvest Insurance Reviews – choose the best option for your needs
The Bidvest Group has been delivering top quality service since 1988. Founded in 1997, its financial Services division has been providing a range of reliable financial products and services.

Bidvest Financial Services has a core mission to provide innovative insurance solutions. With an extensive global reach, Bidvest reaches clients through operations on five continents.

“We believe in empowering people, building relationships and improving lives,” says Bidvest. Its group of employees, which now exceeds 100, aims to meet this mandate as efficiently as possible.

Bidvest Insurance:
This insurance covers mainly vehicle insurance, providing cover for accidental damage caused by hazards on the road. Bidvest offers tyreguard, body and interior guard, travel insurance and shortfall protection cover. An added bonus of 24 hour Roadside and Medical Assistance is included with the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty product. Cover is provided for vehicles of various ages and mileages. The Tyreguard product includes free puncture repairs. There is an affordable once-off payment.

Bidvest Insurance Brokers:
This product offers motor and household insurance, maintenance plan and a service plan.

With motor and household insurance, you are provided with up to 16 comparative quotations from South Africa’s leading insurers.

The maintenance plan is for keeping your vehicle running better for longer and protecting you against unexpected repair bills and other costs. This plan covers the cost of normal wear and tear. It also protects you against the rising costs of parts and labour.

The service plan covers the cost of routine service.

Bidvest Life:
Bidvest Life is an insurance policy that includes auto settlement, superior life and funeral cover.

Driven by values including passion to commitment, service excellence, commitment to integrity, insight and understanding and continuous innovation, Bidvest continues to grow and increase its market share.

To find out how you can benefit from Bidvest’s insurance products and services, contact: 0861 66 88 88 or email



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