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Boodle instant Cash Loans- easy cash for your pressing financial needs

Boodle instant Cash Loans- easy cash for your pressing financial needs

The short-term financial industry in South Africa has seen a rapid growth spurt of institutions providing a range of services to South Africans. Consumers no longer have to rely solely on traditional banking institutions for access to credit. Today there are lenders such as Boodle that are there to provide hassle free loan applications. Boodle is a growing institution that has the main goal of being the best lending platform in the country.

If you are in need of finance to help you meet financial obligations such as paying school fees, paying for unexpected medical bills or even home renovations, Boodle may be a worthwhile lender for you.

Boodle’s motto “Instant Cash, anytime, anywhere,” is the main driving factor towards its short-term loan provision services. Proof of this can be found in the institution’s 10 minute turnaround period for successful applications. In addition, the interface on its website is simple and easy to understand.

As a borrower, you can avoid long bank queues by completing a quick 5 minute application on the Boodle website. The process is paperless and completely hassle-free. All you have to do is visit and submit your personal information. This makes it easier for Boodle to verify your information and conduct an affordability assessment. There is no need to submit any documentation and the loan amount provided is dependent on your requirements and Boodle’s maximum limit.

How much can I get?
As a new client, you can get up to R2500 in finance. When you are an existing client however, you can get up to R8000. To qualify for this, you have to be a reliable client who makes payments diligently.

An added bonus of being a Boodle client is that you can obtain a R100 gift by referring friends to the institution.

Boodle requires repayment of the loan within the period of a month.

Committed to responsible lending, Boodle believes in transparency and is a registered credit provider. Boodle ensures that loans are awarded to clients who will be able to repay the loans comfortably.

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