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Why choosing Bridge Loans makes the most sense

Why choosing Bridge Loans makes the most sense

Since establishment in 1994, Bridge Loans has grown to become one of the most efficient and reliable credit providers in South Africa. This institution has helped many people overcome financial hurdles throughout this period. Over 175 branches nationwide have ensured that finance is easily accessible while qualified advisors are on hand to assist you with making the best decisions- for free. Individuals have come to rely on services provided by Bridge Loans during financially tough months.

Paying for large medical bills or costly education tuition may become less stressful with a loan from Bridge Loans. This institution seeks to understand the needs of its clients and aims to create specific solutions to meet unique financial needs. These solutions are provided at the most affordable rates, while repayment terms are structured to ensure that clients are able to repay the loans comfortably.

Benefits of choosing Bridge Loans:

If you have a bad credit record you will be taken into consideration. Bridge Loans will consider your future potential rather than your past history.

Loans are unsecured, so you don’t have to provide any collateral I the form of assets.

You can apply online and receive feedback within minutes.

Using the online loan application, you are able to top-up your loan when you need extra funds.

Bridge Loans has a scientifically developed credit risk and scoring methodology which assists it with deciding on how much you will afford to repay.

Loans are offered to individuals who are 18 years or older, with a permanent job.


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