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Bridge Loans Top Up – helping you reach financial freedom

With almost 22 years of experience within the unsecured lending industry, Bridge Loans has grown to become one of South Africa’s most trusted and reliable lenders. Living up to its name, Bridge Loans seeks to make credit more attainable by bridging the gap between your financial situation and financial freedom.

Specialising in the provision of unsecured loans, Bridge Loans provides up to R15 000 of finance. Blacklisted individuals as well as those with bad credit records are eligible to apply.

Clients are given up to 36 months to repay the loan, giving them flexible terms making it easier for them to reach financial freedom. Clients are given the freedom to choose however they want to use the loan amount. This can be for meeting financial demands related to education costs or expected medical bills. Because the loans are unsecured you are not required to provide any assets upfront.

A major benefit of Bridge Loans is the option to top-up on an existing loan. Once you have paid a particular percentage on an existing loan, you are able to increase the amount you loan.

To qualify for Bridge Loans services, you need to provide a valid South African I.D. You will also be required to provide your latest 3 months’ bank statements and your latest stamped payslip. You will need to provide proof of an active bank account into which your salary is deposited.

To find out more about how you can get the most from Bridge Loans, contact: 086 111 2044 or email:



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