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Capitec Bank Loans Calculator

Capitec Bank Loans Calculator – making sense of your finances

Keeping track of your finances is an important part of any household activities. Creating a monthly budget is useful for making sure that you don’t overspend and keep track with making necessary monthly payments. When you’re considering getting a form of credit it becomes much more important to know exactly how much you are earning and spending every month. You don’t have to struggle with this process either. Capitec Bank is one of South Africa’s fastest rising financial institutions. In addition to providing simplified banking solutions, the institution strives to give its clients innovative ways to become financially savvy and to keep informed. The Capitec Budgetanator is an easy-to-use money management application offered by the bank. This application helps you create monthly budgets and to do month-end recons.

Accessible through social networking site Facebook, this credit calculator helps you make the best credit decisions. By using the application you are able to calculate how much you need to loan from Capitec and the length of the time you need to repay it.

With Capitec loans you can access up to R200 000 in credit. The loans amount can be useful for helping you to continue your studies, do some renovations on your home or even put down a deposit on that car you’ve wanted for so long. Credit is subject to a credit application and a full credit assessment in terms of the National Credit Act.

By using the Capitec Bank Loans Calculator you are able to make better sense of your finances. This calculator helps you to accurately calculate how much you can afford to borrow and how much you can expect to repay on a monthly basis.

Other money management tools offered by Capitec Bank include:

  • Bill splitter
  • Savings calculator
  • Bank costs calculator
  • Habit breaker
  • Budgeting tool


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