Capitec Bank Multi Loan

Capitec Bank Multi Loan

Capitec Bank Multi Loan – help for meeting daily needs

Capitec Bank is one of the top banking institutions in South Africa. Now with a customer base exceeding 6.2 million, it continues to expand through the years. Most of its success can be attributed to its focus on providing simplified banking solutions while giving clients the best value. The institution’s products and services are designed with the customer’s best interests in mind. One of these solutions is the Capitec Multi Loan.

This is a monthly loan which you can use for emergencies or for meeting daily needs if you need extra cash during the month. An amount of up to R4000 is provided by Capitec on this product on a short-term basis. The loan can be reviewed every 12 months. This loan amount may be ideal for using to pay for emergencies that may crop up during the month such as when your car needs repairs or when you need to pay for school equipment or other related expenses.

Repayable in full at the end of the month, this loan amount can be transferred to your personal account using a Capitec ATM, cellphone banking or internet banking. Capitec has your needs in mind, so the interest and fees are only charged based on the money transferred.

To qualify for this loan, clients need to provide their valid South African I.D, their original proof of residence, their latest payslip and latest 3 months’ bank statements. Self-employed individual unfortunately do not fall within the scope of Capitec’s lending criteria.

Contact Capitec Bank on: 0860 102 043.

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