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Geb Zone loans

Quick, affordable loans from Geb Zone

If you’re looking for a personal loan that is affordable and simple to access, Geb Zone may be the ideal solution for you. In addition to personal loans, Geb Zone offers instant loans that are designed to offer instant financial relief.
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online vehicle finance application south africa

Online Vehicle Finance Application Processes

Online Vehicle Finance Application Processes

Applying for vehicle finance is a process no longer regarded as lengthy, tedious, or time-consuming. Nowadays there are numerous quick online vehicle finance application processes available for use by consumers. This usually means that you don’t have to deal with long queues and can simply apply within the comfort of your own home or without even having to leave the office. Continue reading

african bank cellphone contract application

African Bank Cellphone Contracts

African Bank Cellphone Contracts- array of products to satisfy your various tech needs

African Bank is one of South Africa’s leading banking institutions. The institution continues to rate as part of the top 10 banks in South Africa every year. In addition to offering a wide range of products and services, the bank also gives clients unique access to cellphone contracts as part of its loan solutions offerings. Continue reading

X Africash Loans application

Africash Loans- simple payday solutions

Africash Loans- simple payday solutions

Have you ever needed an extra boost of cash during the month? Or maybe you need some money to help you cover your rent expense for the month. Paying for unplanned travel or medical expenses doesn’t need to be as stressful as it could be. Evenif you have need help with paying costly school fees, there may be an ideal solution for your needs. Getting a payday loan may be the best short-term solution for your needs.

Africash Loans is a micro lending institution that specialises in providing payday loans. The entity provides same day pay-outs for clients, giving individuals much-needed convenience.

Payday loans are usually expected to be repaid within a 30 day period- or before your next payday.

These loans are quite popular as they provide clients with simple solutions to their financial dilemmas. Instead of having to obtain large loan amounts, individuals have access to loan solutions tailored to meet their needs which may just be small amounts.

Convenience offered by Africash extends to the way that individuals can apply for loans. This process no longer needs to be lengthy and tedious. Africash Loans is an entity that ensures that it provides clients with online facilities to apply for finance. You are able to apply for a loan from the comfort of your home or without even having to leave your office. With a few simple clicks on a computer, you can have access to funds that will help you meet your most pressing financial needs.



How the ABSA Revolving Loan works

At times getting one loan amount from a lending institution is just not enough. Absa’s Revolving Loan provides the ideal solution to a problem faced by many individuals nationwide. The Revolving Loan is a facility that gives access to an open or on-going loan for an agreed amount, provided the client pays back at least 15% of the initial amount.
If a client borrows again, they will have a fixed interest rate on their loan repayments.
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Funeral Covers in South Africa

Funeral Covers – Humans as they take life as it is day by day they have one thing that they do not go about or know of the day they will pass on. If such an event occurs, a funeral is a time to bid farewell to the deceased, mourning which is a spiritual commitment of passion, love and respect for the deceased .Such an event demands finances for the deceased to be remembered and buried in a decent manner.

Tell me more about Funeral Covers in South Africa

This called for financial institutions to come up with funeral cover that will allow you to be covered for future expenses of your funeral and your loved ones and take off the pressure off immediate families and friends.

On the market today there different funeral covers that include funeral cover for yourself, funeral cover for yourself and immediate family members that is a wife/husband and children and also a funeral cover for extended family members which include a mother, father , aunt, uncle and in-laws of the policy holder.

The funeral cover helps out by paying out families cover for food expenses, coffin, tombstone, transport and other costs. Funeral Premiums however in South Africa range from R40 to R500 and pay-outs of R5000 up to R120 000.

Get your funeral cover today and your family can enjoy life with a peace of mind knowing that if a funeral is to happen their funeral expenses are covered.