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gallardo finance corporation application forms

Gallardo Finance Corporation

Gallardo Finance Corporation- Driving accessible vehicle finance         

Purchasing a vehicle is a big step for anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make this purchase using cash only. Often individuals need to rely in having access to credit to be able to afford the vehicle they want. Not many lending institutions are open to the idea of providing individuals with poor credit records with finance. An entity that has stepped up to provide this service is Gallardo Finance Corporation. Continue reading

letsatsi loan application

Letsatsi Finance and Loans – home-grown finance solutions

Letsatsi Finance and Loans – home-grown finance solutions for various clients

Letsatsi Finance is a financial services provider founded in the year 2000 and has grown to have over 40 branches nationwide. The institution’s services include the provision of short and long term loans, along with debt consolidation and payday loans. Continue reading

boodle loans online application

Boodle instant Cash Loans- easy cash for your pressing financial needs

Boodle instant Cash Loans- easy cash for your pressing financial needs

The short-term financial industry in South Africa has seen a rapid growth spurt of institutions providing a range of services to South Africans. Consumers no longer have to rely solely on traditional banking institutions for access to credit. Today there are lenders such as Boodle that are there to provide hassle free loan applications. Boodle is a growing institution that has the main goal of being the best lending platform in the country. Continue reading

capitec loans online application

Capitec Loans- affordable rates for clients

Capitec Loans- affordable rates for clients

Capitec Bank has quickly established a reliable reputation in the South African financial market. Since inception in 2001, the bank has continually expanded its market share. It has achieved this largely through innovative and simplified banking solutions. Continue reading

RCS Loans Application – paperless processes, fast pay-outs

RCS Loans Application- paperless processes, fast pay-outs

RCS offers some of the best credit packages in South Africa. Ordinary citizens are often seeking access to credit to finance their lifestyles costs. RCS strives to be there for the benefit of South Africans. Through a paperless process, credit is offered as a credit card as well as an RCS loan. Continue reading

sanlam personal loans online application

Sanlam Loans Online

Sanlam Loans Online- trusted and reliable credit at your fingertips

Founded in 1918, originally as a life insurance company, Sanlam has gone on to expand to include a range of other services in its repertoire. Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Namibian Stock Exchange in 1998, Sanlam provides quality products and services. Continue reading

Spot Cash- convenient cash injections

Spot Cash- convenient cash injections

Spot Cash is an institution that is always ready and willing to assist clients with a quick cash injection whenever they need a solution to short-term financial challenges. As a micro lending institution, Spot Cash provides non-traditional lending solutions and qualified assistance. Continue reading

yebo loans application form

Yebo Loans Port Elizabeth

Yebo Loans Port Elizabeth- providing financial solutions for all kinds of clients

Traditional lending institutions are quite popular in South Africa. An interesting trend to note however is that micro-lending institutions are giving banks stiff competition in the financial industry. Clients now have a range of options available when they need financial assistance in the form of credit. They are no longer solely dependent on banks. Continue reading