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FNB Re-advance – convenient access to capital

FNB Re-advance – convenient access to capital

First National Bank is a banking institution that offers South Africans a wide array of innovative and convenient banking solutions. One such solution is the FNB Re-advance which allows you to withdraw funds from your existing bond in an easy and convenient manner from your existing home loan. With the re-advance option you have access to the funds that make up the difference between the original registered home loan amount and the outstanding balance. This option is ideal for you if you want access to capital that you have already repaid. It’s also most suitable for you if you don’t want to register a further loan. How often have you needed quick access to cash but changed your mind because of the processes that you have to go through to get the funds? With the FNB Re-advance you quick, convenient access to capital.

What documentation is required?

  • A valid South African I.D.
  • Home loan documentation
  • You need to have a bank account in the same name as that of your home loan

In cases of a joint home loan, the bank account must be in the name of one of the applicants

What advantages are there?

Monthly repayments are automatically adjusted

You can apply for the term of the loan to be extended in conjunction with the application

It’s easier than registering a further loan

To apply for the FNB Re-advance you can apply online by visiting www.fnb.co.za or you can complete the call-me-back form. You can also call FNB on: 087 730 1144




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