Funeral Covers in South Africa

Funeral Covers – Humans as they take life as it is day by day they have one thing that they do not go about or know of the day they will pass on. If such an event occurs, a funeral is a time to bid farewell to the deceased, mourning which is a spiritual commitment of passion, love and respect for the deceased .Such an event demands finances for the deceased to be remembered and buried in a decent manner.

Tell me more about Funeral Covers in South Africa

This called for financial institutions to come up with funeral cover that will allow you to be covered for future expenses of your funeral and your loved ones and take off the pressure off immediate families and friends.

On the market today there different funeral covers that include funeral cover for yourself, funeral cover for yourself and immediate family members that is a wife/husband and children and also a funeral cover for extended family members which include a mother, father , aunt, uncle and in-laws of the policy holder.

The funeral cover helps out by paying out families cover for food expenses, coffin, tombstone, transport and other costs. Funeral Premiums however in South Africa range from R40 to R500 and pay-outs of R5000 up to R120 000.

Get your funeral cover today and your family can enjoy life with a peace of mind knowing that if a funeral is to happen their funeral expenses are covered.

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