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Mfin Cash Loans- easy access and speedy service

Mfin Cash Loans- easy access and speedy service

The micro-finance industry in South Africa is continually growing. Most of this growth can be attributed to the attraction of easy access and the fast rate at which one can obtain finance. Research shows that unsecured lending in South Africa stands at over R140 billion- which clearly indicates that an increasing number of individuals are relying on credit to finance aspects of their lifestyles. Another contributing factor to this trend is the fact that previously unbanked clients entering the system with basic credit requirements has changed the demand for credit.

A micro lending institution which strives to meet the financial needs of clients effectively is Mfin Cash Loans.

With Mfin Cash Loans, you can get access up to R7500. Whether you need some extra cash to help you make it through the rest of the month, or whether you need to add some home renovations to your property, pay your child’s school fees or hefty medical bills, Mfin Cash Loans is there to meet your financial needs.

The application process is simple. All you need to do is visit your nearest Shoprite/Checkers store with your valid ID. Head to the Mfin kiosk and apply for a loan. Ensure that you have your employee number and employer telephone number handy before applying.

To apply, you need to be permanently employed and have a monthly salary paid into your bank account.

A call will be made to you by Mfin consultants to process the application.

For more information, call Mfin Cash Loans here: 0861 346 346


5 thoughts on “Mfin Cash Loans- easy access and speedy service

  1. Johnaville Petersen

    hi there, I applied for a loan on 20/09/2016 and qualified for R2500 but didn’t receive anything,what’s the hold up? Cos I need the cash, yesterday I called Mfin team but never received proof of salary slip and bank statement, did shoprite fax my stuff

  2. Ida Elizabeth Mundhree

    I Have applied for a loan and was offered R5000. The telephonic process completed then received vwhatsàpp msg. From 4pm to now the application process is continuing.


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