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Mutual and Federal Insurance

Mutual and Federal Insurance- credible insurance products for Southern Africa

As an individual seeking an insurance provider, you are likely to be looking for an institution with a vested interest in understanding your specific needs. Mutual and Federal has a history spanning 180 years and is the oldest short-term insurer in Southern Africa. As an insurance provider, Mutual and Federal understands that individuals sometimes have to contend with circumstances beyond their control. It’s for this reason that the entity has created specifically tailored policies to meet your personal, business and commercial needs.

Having personal insurance minimises loss and averts financial ruin when unexpected circumstances arise. Commercial Business Insurance ensures that you are covered for enterprise risk whether you own a small business enterprise or a multinational corporation. Cover is provided for losses due to fire and accidents, for motor fleet insurance as well as asset protection.

In South Africa, the agriculture sector is regarded as highly viable for many individuals. With any business started, there is a certain amount of risk involved. The agriculture industry is no different. Individuals face a number of challenges and risks related to equipment or even livestock. Mutual and Federal has formulated various products designed to meet these specific needs. Cover for farming activities is provided, as well as crop insurance.

In addition to a range of insurance solutions, Mutual and Federal offers flexible insurance cover that caters to the specific insurance needs of the wine industry.

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