Mzansi Microfinance loans

Mzansi Microfinance loans

Mzansi Microfinance is a financial services provider which offers tailor-made solutions. Specialising in the provision of unsecured short-term finance, it aims to make sure that they supply the best personal, cash and micro loan assistance, to their valued customers.

Mzansi Microfinance loans – Established with the sole purpose of supplying easy and effortless online finance to individuals in need of personal loans, Mzansi Microfinance is a registered member of the National Credit Regulator.

Mzansi Microfinance loans are easily accessible and may be available within 24 hours. Individuals may use the personal loan to cover costs such as medical expenses, school fees, overdrafts or any other financial obligations. Clients are not required to provide collateral, due to the unsecured nature of the loans.

Benefits of Mzansi Microfinance Loans:
Loans are offered at fixed instalments, so individuals are assured of consistent repayment amount. This also facilitates easier budgeting on a monthly basis. There are no penalties for early settlement of the loan.

Mzansi Microfinance aims to empower people to rise above their circumstances through the use of microfinance facilities. The entity has a goal of providing services to consumers who traditionally lack access to banking and related services.

Usually, lending institutions provide credit facilities for individuals who are permanently employed. Mzansi Microfinance doesn’t exclude commission earners from accessing their services. The difference is that additional information is required, in the form of one extra months’ bank statement and two extra payslips, so that Mzansi Microfinance can calculate your average net income.

To qualify, individuals must be permanently for at least 2 months. Mzansi Microfinance specifies that its services are extended even to “security, cleaners and underground mining staff. Contract workers with an end date and monthly paid clients are allowed to apply.”

Loan amounts range from as little as R500 to R10 000. Repayment terms range from 31 days, 3, 6 to 12 months.

What documents do I need to apply?

  • A valid South African I.D
  • 2 months’ bank statements for fixed salary earners
  • 3 months’ bank statements for commission earners
  • 1 months’ payslip for fixed salary earners
  • 3 months’ payslip for commission earners


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