Nsfas loans and bursaries

Sure you can do it. That’s why NSFAS is ready to give you the platform to achieve success. NSFAS is committed to providing students with the best support any student willing to make it is afforded a study loan that guarantees them a place in one of the 25 nationwide South African universities.

Our Student loans cater for the following needs;

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation (private or public)
  • Study Materials
  • Travelling expenses.

Here is the best part about How far we are prepared to see you through; if your results are anything to go by i.e. if one does well, you could get a 40% decrement of your entire study loan in a form of a bursary with no repayment commitment to you. The rest of the study loan or in some cases the entire loan should be repaid back to NSFAS upon completion of the student’s course.

Our repayment terms are determined by what the graduate will be earning at their work place. The repaid funds will then be reallocated to accommodate new students the same opportunity the previous Graduate enjoyed.

NSFAS grants loans to students without the surety from Guarantor whether it be Parents or Legal Guardians.

Our online applications are ready for applicants to fill in and submit or students can pay us a visit at our institution to make an application  and lastly you can download the form, complete it and send it back to us by post at the following address;

Private Bag x4

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