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One Plan Health Insurance- quality healthcare cover solutions

One Plan Health Insurance- quality healthcare cover solutions

Health Insurance is a necessity and can be stressful to obtain. Finding quality healthcare is often expensive and may be challenging to arrange. Key items included within certain products is one of the reasons One Plan Health Insurance has assisted over 40 000 customers. This institution is a short-term insurance provider, not a medical aid, but offers comprehensive solutions for your medical needs. Health cover offers the benefit of paying directly to the insured. It may also be used in conjunction with your medical aid to cover any shortfalls that you may have.

More about the One Plan Health Insurance:

The One Plan Group has over 100 years of experience in various industries, including Financial Services, Lifestyle and Claims Technology.

Hospital and Healthcare Plans are offered at various affordable prices including:
Core- R254
Blue- R461
Professional- R589
Executive- R744
Elite- R945
Premier- R1180
Healthcare Cover is offered at R265

The Core Plan covers general practitioner visits, maternity pre-birth, scripted medication, radiology, pathology, dentistry, specialists, optometry, illness in hospital, natural birth and emergency illness, death, trauma and assault counselling and more.

The useful Plan Calculator can be used to find the best plan to suit your health cover needs.

One Plan Health Insurance is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company.

As a responsible lending institution, One Plan ensures that all its operations are as transparent as possible. Clients are informed of what they stand to gain from each type of cover as well as their responsibilities in terms of the insurance agreement.


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