bidvest insurance application

Bidvest Insurance – ideal financial services to cover your insurance needs

Bidvest Insurance- ideal financial services to cover your insurance needs

Bidvest Financial Services forms part of the Bidvest Group, which is one of the biggest financial services institutions in South Africa. The three divisions of the group are: Bidvest Insurance, Bidvest Insurance Brokers and Bidvest Life. Continue reading

RCS Loans Application – paperless processes, fast pay-outs

RCS Loans Application- paperless processes, fast pay-outs

RCS offers some of the best credit packages in South Africa. Ordinary citizens are often seeking access to credit to finance their lifestyles costs. RCS strives to be there for the benefit of South Africans. Through a paperless process, credit is offered as a credit card as well as an RCS loan. Continue reading

sanlam personal loans online application

Sanlam Loans Online

Sanlam Loans Online- trusted and reliable credit at your fingertips

Founded in 1918, originally as a life insurance company, Sanlam has gone on to expand to include a range of other services in its repertoire. Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Namibian Stock Exchange in 1998, Sanlam provides quality products and services. Continue reading

Spot Cash- convenient cash injections

Spot Cash- convenient cash injections

Spot Cash is an institution that is always ready and willing to assist clients with a quick cash injection whenever they need a solution to short-term financial challenges. As a micro lending institution, Spot Cash provides non-traditional lending solutions and qualified assistance. Continue reading

yebo loans application form

Yebo Loans Port Elizabeth

Yebo Loans Port Elizabeth- providing financial solutions for all kinds of clients

Traditional lending institutions are quite popular in South Africa. An interesting trend to note however is that micro-lending institutions are giving banks stiff competition in the financial industry. Clients now have a range of options available when they need financial assistance in the form of credit. They are no longer solely dependent on banks. Continue reading

Yuppie Cash Loans

Yuppie Cash Loans- providing high standards and excellent quality service

With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Yuppie Cash Loans provides clients with the most secure and convenient personal loans. As a short-term loan provider, loans are offered up to R1000. In addition to this, there is no collateral required, so individuals without any assets to put up can rest assured that they still have access to funds. Continue reading

dial direct car insurance application

Dial Direct Car Insurance- uniquely designed for your benefit

Dial Direct Car Insurance- uniquely designed for your benefit

Owning a car doesn’t simply mean it ends with driving it. There are also a number of costly factors that are included as part of the package. Car insurance is a necessity as there are unpredictable circumstances that often affect car owners. An insurance company that aims to provide above-par service for various insurance needs is Dial Direct. This institution provides a number of insurance products, including car insurance. Continue reading

one plan health insurance application

One Plan Health Insurance- quality healthcare cover solutions

One Plan Health Insurance- quality healthcare cover solutions

Health Insurance is a necessity and can be stressful to obtain. Finding quality healthcare is often expensive and may be challenging to arrange. Key items included within certain products is one of the reasons One Plan Health Insurance has assisted over 40 000 customers Continue reading

AA Business Insurance application

AA Business Insurance – providing cover for all your business risks

AA Business Insurance – providing cover for all your business risks

Running a business comes with a number of risks which maybe challenging to navigate through. Fortunately, there are insurance providers that are available, for business owners to choose from to find the best type of cover for specific business needs. Continue reading

aig insurance applications

AIG Insurance South Africa

AIG Insurance South Africa- ensuring all your credit needs are provided for efficiently and effectively

AIG is a world leading insurance organisation servicing more than 70 million clients globally. The institution provides insurance products related to accident, health and personal insurance. Both individuals and businesses are covered. Continue reading