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Loans for Rent Deposit- how security deposits work

Loans for Rent Deposit- how security deposits work

Have you found your ideal apartment? Maybe you even have a visual plan in your head of where all your furniture is going to go. But have you got all your finances in order?

When looking to rent property, there are often a number of factors to consider, as well as contract terms of agreement. Sometimes you may be asked to pay the first months’ rent, a security deposit equal to the first months’ rent and possibly even the last months’ rent also. Essentially, a security deposit loan is held by your landlord to protect against property damages during your occupation of the apartment or rental home.

Usually your security deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of your vacating the property, as long as you’ve fulfilled the terms of your lease.

So what happens if your deposit takes longer than expected to be paid back to you?

Then you need to consider your options. Getting a loan is one such option, which will help to see you through the period until you can move into your next home.

Obtaining a security deposit loan allows you to meet the move-in cash requirements while you are still waiting for your old security deposit to be returned to you. Interest rates might be higher on these loans, but they help you with pressing needs at the time. It’s also worth considering that you could also use the security deposit pay-out to pay off the loan amount. It would be ideal to have a good credit record, so that you can obtain funds quickly, especially when you need them most.


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