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Sanlam loans, an accredited helping hand
In these tough financial times, where scams and fraudulent loan schemes are prevalent, being able to get a comprehensive personal loan from an accredited financial institution is important.
Recently, Sanlam dissociated itself from a running money lending scam that used its brand name to lure unsuspecting people to its fraudulent money lending schemes.

The scammers presented themselves as “Sanlam Loans SA Pty”, using false logos and details to offer its people personal, commercial, leasing, home loans and debt consolidation. The fraudulent entity’s terms of receiving any one of the fore mentioned loans are a 4.5% return.

Sanlam came out in a statement published on its website, saying it is not linked to or part of the “Sanlam Loans SA Pty” loan scheme.
As an accredited financial provider, Sanlam operates and offers personal loans under the name Sanlam Personal Loans (Pty) Ltd. Currently; Sanlam has an investigative unit which has unearthed two separate letters which are being circulated to people. Samples of these letters can be found on the Sanlam website together with detailed information on the processes under which personal loans can be obtained from Sanlam.

Sanlam loansEssentially, Sanlam offers personal loans of up to R150 000, at a fixed interest rate. This offer extends to employed or self-employed permanent South African residents at the age of 18 and above, who earn more than R2 500 per month. Personal details including a certified of your ID, your most recent pay slip and banking details are a requirement when assessing how eligible one is for a loan.

These and more details can be found on the Sanlam personal loans page on their official website. Alternatively, contact the Sanlam call center on 0861 08 08 88 to apply for a loan or to get clarification.

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