Spot Cash- convenient cash injections

Spot Cash- convenient cash injections

Spot Cash is an institution that is always ready and willing to assist clients with a quick cash injection whenever they need a solution to short-term financial challenges. As a micro lending institution, Spot Cash provides non-traditional lending solutions and qualified assistance.

Spot Cash realises that every individual situation is different, so they have created personalised loan solutions with comfortable repayment plans. The entire application process is completed online, which facilitates speedy and efficient credit checks.

Loans can be used by individuals whichever way they please. Whether for paying for education costs, wedding expenses or even covering medical bills, the freedom is left with the client.

How does it work?
Using the tools provided here:, you can simply choose how much money you want to borrow and thereafter decide on a time period within which to repay it.

Spot Cash will then inform you of the full cost of the loan immediately. After submitting some personal details required for legal purposes, Spot Cash may approve your loan application. The cash will then be deposited directly into your account.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of R2750 from Spot Cash, with an interest rate of 0.16% of day charged on a pro-rata basis.

What are the benefits of using Spot Cash?
There are no hidden fees
The application process is easy and fast
You have the freedom to choose your repayment date
Loans provided are tailored to suit you individual financial situation

Contact Spot Cash by calling 087 702 3222.




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