Yuppie Cash Loans

Yuppie Cash Loans- providing high standards and excellent quality service

With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Yuppie Cash Loans provides clients with the most secure and convenient personal loans. As a short-term loan provider, loans are offered up to R1000. In addition to this, there is no collateral required, so individuals without any assets to put up can rest assured that they still have access to funds.

If you are blacklisted, have judgement against your credit record or you have defaulted on payments with other financial services providers, you cannot get assistance from Yuppie Cash. A clear credit record is a prerequisite with this particular financial services provider.

What is required for qualification?
You need to be employed
You need to provide details of a bank account into which your monthly salary gets deposited.
Have a clear credit record

How the application process works:
You submit an application
An email is sent to you informing you of acknowledgement of the application
You may then be required to submit documents and personal details such as accurate monthly expenses and correct employment details
The information will be verified by Yuppie Consultants

Should your application be approved, you will be offered a loan of up to R1000 as a first-time client. Depending on how well you make repayments, this amount may increase. An annual percentage of interest is charged at 60%.

Yuppie Cash is committed to providing clients with the best standards of service. Staff are highly efficient and trained to provide excellent service.

Call Yuppie Cash On: 021 250 0013 or visit www.yuppiecash.co.za.


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